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Argumentation and Advocacy

Argumentation & Analyse du Discours (French journal out of Tel Aviv)

CCC Online

College English

Community Literacy Journal & Forum

Early Modern Literary Studies

18th Century Life

18th Century Studies


Fibreculture Journal (a peer-reviewed journal for Internet theory, criticism, and research)

Informal Logic

JAC (Journal of Advanced Composition)

Kairos (e-journal)

KB Journal (a forum for the exposition of Kenneth Burke's ideas)

Mind, Culture, and Activity

Montaigne Studies, The University of Chicago

Philosophy & Rhetoric

Poroi (Rhetoric of Inquiry)

Pre/Text (journal and e-journal)

Queen: a journal of rhetoric and power (experimental journal on critical rhetorics and power)

RhetNet (e-journal for rhetoric and writing)

Rhetor -- on-line journal of the Canadian Society for the Study of Rhetoric

Rhetoric Review -- a journal of rhetoric and composition

Rhetoric Society Quarterly -- Includes rhetorical theory, history, criticism and pedagogy

Rhetorical Review -- the electronic review of books on the history of rhetoric (offline as of 2010)

Rhetorica (Journal of the International Society for the History of Rhetoric)


About UsAbout_Us.html

Online Journals

Online Discussion Groups

Other Scholarly Groups


Online Resources

Scholarly Groups and Organizations

ARS -- Alliance of Rhetoric Societies

AFA -- American Forensic Association

Ars rhetorica --sponsored by the Centre for Rhetorics & Hermeneutics

ATTW -- Association of Teachers of Technical Writing

CSCA -- Central States Communication Association

CCCC -- Conference on College Composition and Communication

ECA -- Eastern Communication Association

ERIC -- Educational Resources Information Center

IAGP -- International Association for Greek Philosophy

ISHR -- International Society for the History of Rhetoric

ISSA -- International Society for the Study of Argumentation

MLA -- Modern Language Association of America

NCA -- National Communication Association

NCTE -- National Council of Teachers of English

OSSA -- Ontario Society for the Study of Argumentation

RSA -- Rhetoric Society of America

SSCA -- Southern States Communication Association

WPA -- Council of Writing Program Administrators

WSCA -- Western States Communication Association

WSCC -- Western States Composition Conference

Related Discussion Groups (Associational ListServs and Blogs)

ARL's Directory of Electronic Journals, Newsletters, and Academic Discussion Lists

Blogora Blog of the Rhetoric Society of America

CRTNET Listserv of the National Communication Association

H-Rhetor Discussion list

WHIRL (Women's History in Rhetoric and Literature) Join by sending an email to SUB WHIRL your name.

Online Resource Pages in Rhetorical Studies

ComPile An inventory of resources in rhetoric, writing studies, and composition

Critical Thinking San Jose State University

Diotima Resources for the Study of Women in the Ancient World

Glossary of Rhetorical Terms University of Kentucky

Propaganda by Aaron Delwiche

Online English Degree, by Solveigh Soderman

The Rhetoric Ring, thumbnail sketches of key concepts and individuals by James Tallmon

Silva Rhetoricae: The Forest of Rhetoric, a guide to the terms of classical and renaissance rhetoric by Gideon Burton

Primary Sources and E-texts

Aristotle’s Rhetoric, compiled by Lee Honeycutt

Quintillian’s Institutes of Oratory, compiled by Lee Honeycutt

Peitho's Web A selection of key classical texts in English translation.

Perseus Digital Library  A massive archive of searchable classical and renaissance texts in original languages and English translation, hyperlinked to extensive lexical research tools.

Rhetoric & Composition A collaborative, multi-resource tool. 

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Special thanks to David Beard, University of Minnesota-Duluth, for compiling these resources.